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Family Law or General Solicitor

Family Lawyer – Vania Holt Legal

Is your passion people or pay? Are you ethical and professional? Do you have a strong ‘justice-streak’?
We are looking for a family law lawyer, or a general lawyer with family law experience. Ideally, you will have your full practising certificate and be able to run your own matters. You will have great court presence and be able to match it with a barrister in court for mentions, at least. If you have specialist accreditation, that will work well in your favour. If not, and you would like specialist accreditation, we would be open to working towards this with you.

You will have compassion, strength, integrity, and intelligence – both intellectual and emotional.
You will be working remotely with the assistance of a paralegal and a legal secretary. We use Smokeball which is easy to learn if you’ve never used it before.

We can train the legal aspects but can’t ‘train’ your personality. How do you communicate with older clients or with vulnerable clients? How do you communicate with lawyers for the other side, barristers, and the judiciary?

You will enjoy working independently and being there for your clients. This is not the law firm that will make you so busy that you cannot return a call to a client within, ideally, the same day. You will have experience working with Legal Aid clients and those who have been through trauma. You will have the opportunity to work on your pro bono passions – it is for you to decide where you’ll make the most impact.

You will want to work together as a team and as a firm. We are very collegial, and this is a core value of Vania Holt Legal. We are dedicated to our clients, and you will become a vital member of this team. This will be reflected in your salary and flexible working arrangements. You don’t need to come from Sydney or Newcastle; regional lawyers are very welcome to contact me. If you want to work part-time or job-share, just chat with me – my job is to make you happy so you can ease the pain of litigation for our clients.

If this appeals to you, please email me in the first instance with your CV because I am swamped – thus the need to find a wonderful lawyer to work with us. Please contact me before 3 December 2021.

Dr Vania Holt at

Who can contest a Will?

Only a spouse, child or dependant of a deceased person can contest the Will. A grandchild of the deceased may be able to contest the Will if they can be classed as a dependant.
Consenting A Will
Claiming a Will

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