Family (and De facto) Law

Without doubt, family law including separating or divorcing someone could be the most emotional, and costly, time of your life.

We can help you navigate the family law through this time so that it is one less thing that you have to focus on.

It is very important that you get the right legal advice in relation to your family law matter when thinking of separating so that you’re aware of your rights when dividing up the assets or acting in the best interests of your children in parenting agreements. It can be an amicable separation (uncontested) or, more often than not, not amicable (contested divorce). We can help you with your family law matter in Maitland and the Hunter Valley.

What services do you offer?

We can help you with any aspect of your family law matter including:

  • Family and De Facto Law
  • Online Family Law Help
  • Family Law Children Matters
  • Family Law Property Settlement
  • Family Law Divorce

We offer personalised and compassionate service to every client to help them navigate this uncertain, and often traumatising, family law process all around Australia. Vania has much court litigation experience so she can explain the process clearly and confidently. It is nerve-wracking being in court and you need someone who understands the court process well: Vania Holt Legal.

How much does it cost?

At Vania Holt Legal, we have believe in fixed fees as far as possible. 

  • Family and De Facto Law
  • Online Family Law Help
  • Family Law Children Matters
  • Family Law Property Settlement
  • Family Law Divorce





Joint Application


Where both you and your spouse consent to the divorce



$990 (incl.   GST)



Sole Application


Full service sole application for if you and your spouse do not consent. This includes appearance at court (if required)



$1650 (incl. GST)



Sole Application (if no service possible)


Full service sole application with an Application in a Case for dispensation with service (ie not serving your partner) or an order for substituted service (ie a different form of service) including appearance at Court



$1980 (incl. GST)









Parenting Orders


Child and Parenting Orders



$1320 (incl. GST) + filing fees



Property Orders


Financial and property orders (super splitting included)



$2310 (incl. GST) + filing fees



Combined Orders


Parenting, financial and property orders (super splitting included)



$2970 (incl. GST) + filing fees








Financial Agreement


With independent advice to you as the instructing party



$2200 (incl. GST)



Independent Legal Advice and Certificate

$990 (incl. GST)

If you are signing an agreement




Complex matters will be quoted separately










Early Negotiation/Pre-Action Procedures


Taking detailed instructions, attending to mutual disclosure, liaising with the other side, preparing your balance sheet and proposal and making an offer or responding to an offer to settle, advising you at each step of the way.



$2970 (incl. GST)



Conciliation Conference/Mediation


Taking detailed instructions and preparing for mediation or conciliation conference. Drafting your balance sheet, conciliation conference document, mediation position paper, preparing brief to counsel, drafting minutes of orders.



$3960 (incl. GST)



Initiating Application or Response


Application/Response including pleading both interim and Final Orders, Financial Statement, Notice of Risk, up to and including the first Directions Hearing/Mention (at which I will appear)



$4950 (incl. GST)









The choice is yours – if you want a fixed fee litigation where you pay based on each step in the process or event and the action or work that needs to be done.


Or, I can work for an hourly rate.



I can appear for you in the early stages of a matter rather than counsel but it is usually better for counsel to be briefed if the matter goes to a defended hearing. I will advise you of your options at the outset so you can make an informed decision.



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